"Digital tactics change but your brand provides your reason for being, your point of difference. Isn't it time this was reflected in your digital strategy? We work with you to identify your purpose and point of difference"

Transforming Digital Brand Strategy

Building your digital strategy framework


Auditing your digital platforms and how they interact with customers and prospects.

Know your Audience

The different types of audiences your brand currently attracts and opportunities for new audiences.ytuttyu

Create a USP

Provide a point of difference over your competitor’s products, service and brand. We will work with you to find what’s unique and remarkable.

Building Trust & Authority

Introduce and recommend the right types of digital channels to meet your brand objectives.

Create a Narrative

We help your brand create a narrative that can be communicated through the different digital channels used by the organisation.


Providing your customer base with true value and utility to help you as a brand stand out in a media saturated market.

Monitor & Measure

Each step of our framework, will have a set monitoring and measurement metrics in place to ensure your digital brand strategy is meeting the key benchmarks as we work with you through each stage of the process.

We are Revrok

We are a digital strategy consultancy

We have years of experience in helping organisations to connect up their brand values and purpose with a solid digital marketing framework. Many organisations treat their digital marketing tactics in isolation from their brand purpose and we see this as a major reason for lack of buy-in to digital across organisations.

We work with you with a 6 step digital marketing framework that connects your brand with your digital marketing tactics with the purpose to enhance your brands purpose within your digital activities.

With over 10 years experience working for start-ups, private and public sector organisations, we have worked on the front line for many brand in achieving objectives as well as building and identifying new digital channels to enhance a number of brands.

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